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An Edge Beyond Sharpness

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Aurosleek blades are manufactured on CN...

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An Edge Beyond Sharpness

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Aurosleek blades are manufactured on CNC grinding machine from a thinner profile stainless steel material with Electro polishing technology. Thin profile material of the blade aids in superior wound reconstruction. The electro polishing provides uniform, consistent, smooth and glare-free matt finish blades. The simple & unique tip guard design is convenient for use and serves the purpose well. These blades are manufactured under controlled environment, validate machines along with QC checks at all stages. Aurosleek blade comes in the compact carton box with a side viewing pane.

Aurolab / Aurosleek


Available Types:

  • Keratome Blades / Slit blades.
  • Crescent Blades.
  • Side port Blades / Stab blades.
  • Implant blades.

Keratome blades /Slit blades:

Ophthalmic Knife Extension Keratome, Ophthalmic Surgical Knife, Ophthalmic  Knife, ऑप्थेल्मिक ब्लेड, ऑप्थैल्मिक ब्लेड - Truviz Ophthalmic, Bengaluru |  ID: 11491701833

It helps to do incision with lesser force and provides exact entry of Phaco tip with minimum wound leakage and reduces SIA. Aurosleek Kerotome blades are available in 2.2mm, 2.8mm, 3.0mm, 3.2mm.

Crescent blades:


Keratome Blade, केराटोम स्लिट ब्लेड in Coimbatore , Diamond Medicare | ID:  6772153873


It helps to make a perfect scleral tunnel pocket with optimum angulation. Aurosleek Crescent blades are available in 2.5mm angled with bevel up tips.

Side port Blades/ Stab blades:

Aurosleek Stainless Steel sideport/ stab blades - , Sideport/Stab blades, |  ID: 9044725848

A stab blade is used for corneal/ limbal incision and side port entry. It is available in regular 15°straight blades for making precise incision.

Implant blades:

Implant Blades - Aurosharp Buy Aurosharp Implant Blades in Madurai Tamil  Nadu

These blades are designed to make incision of required width during IOL implantation. Aurosleek implant blades are available in 5.2mm angled with both bevel up and bevel down options.

Features, Advantages and Benefits of Aurosleek

DesignThin Profile
Tip Guard
ProcessCNC Grinding
MaterialMedical grade Stainless steel
Primary PackingBlister packing in clean room
Secondary packingCarton box design

Product Code and its Specification

Product codeSpecification
Keratome Blades / Slit Blades
K11215HT1.1 mm, angled, bevel up
K17215HT1.7 mm, angled, bevel up
K22215HT2.2mm angled bevel up
K24315HT2.4mm angled bevel down
K24215HT2.4mm angled bevel up
K26215HT2.6mm angled bevel up
K26315HT2.6mm angled bevel down
K275215HT2.75mm angled bevel up
K275315HT2.75mm angled bevel down
K28215HT2.8mm angled bevel up
K28315HT2.8mm angled bevel down
K30215HT3.0mm angled bevel up
K32215HT3.2mm angled bevel up
K32315HT3.2mm angled bevel down
Crescent Blades
C25222HT2.5mm angled bevel up with handle
Side Port / Stab Blades
S10015HTSideport 1.0 mm, Straight
S11215HTSideport 1.1 mm, Angled, Bevel Up
Sideport 1.1 mm, Straight
S13015HTSideport 1.3 mm, Straight
S16015HTSideport 1.6 mm, Straight
S17215HTSideport 1.7 mm, Angled, Bevel Up
Sideport 1.7 mm, Straight
L15015HTSideport 15° , Straight
Implant Blades
I52215HT5.2mm angled bevel up
I52315HT5.2mm angled bevel down
I55215HT5.5mm, angled bevel up
I55315HT5.5mm, angled bevel down
MVR Blades
M19415HCMVR19G, Angled
M19015HCMVR19G, Straight
M20412HCMVR20G, Angled
R19415HCMVR20G, Angled
R20012HCMVR20G, Straight