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Technology in the medical industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Whether you need a single item or a complex system, our team can provide you, the health professional, with innovative concepts and products.
Our product range for the clinical professional and physician in many disciplines including.

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In today’s world, great demand has been placed for the supply of quality pharmaceuticals. Our team has been looking after customers in the Pacific Rim, Europe, Asia and Middle East with branded and generic pharmaceuticals.

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Pathology / Laboratory

Pathology is an important of medical science and the primary focus is on origin, cause and nature of diseases.

The advancement in this science has contributed to the successful treatment of many chronic disease such as cancer.

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Educational Materials

Education is the forefront of taking a common person to great heights and bring about changes in society and the well-being of us all. Our dedicated team looks supplies to Educational Institutions a great number of products.

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Utility Supply & Government

We have a specialised team who looks after the products for Water Utilities and Electrical Utilities in the Pacific Rim. For water supply and treatment, South Austral provides a number of solutions for extracting

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Office & Trade

Colormaker is manufacturing premium paints, coatings and textile inks. South Austral is proud distributor of colormaker for many years in the Pacific Region.

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These are the latest products we have on board. These are to serve All medical areas of NSW AND AUSTRALIA